Asian Board Games Festival 2022 kicks off in Singapore this month

The Asian Board Games Festival makes its return this year in Singapore, playing host to 25 independent board game publishers from all over Asia. Publishers are attending the event from 11 different countries including Japan, Thailand and Korea, making this the most diverse lineup of board games you’ll see in Asia to date. The event is open to all age groups to attend.

ABGF found success in 2019 as a large-scale board games festival, but its 2022 iteration promises to feature a lineup of games that’s five times as big. Even if you’re not into board games, the festival is likely to have something that catches your eye with a whopping 40 tables of different games. It’s also a chance to see what the board gaming scene looks like in other countries across Asia, and how different cultures influence these games thematically.

ABGF 2022 expects more than 2000 guests ranging from families to gamers, all of whom earn a free Play Passport when registering for the event. With the Passport, guests can earn rewards for playing board games by picking up unique stamps from different publishers. Some of these games are making their public debut too, giving you a chance to preview upcoming releases. Some of the event’s featured exhibitors are:

Itten and Saashi & Saashi from Japan
Emperor S4 and TBD from Taiwan
BGN Squad and WOL from Thailand
Playte from Korea
Ludus from the Philippines
Level 99 Games from USA
DGP from Singapore
Attendees can also find limited board game bundles and discounts at the event, along with lucky draws, giveaways and free games from Origame – Singapore’s largest board game publisher. The Asian Board Games Festival 2022 runs from Saturday, November 26 to Sunday, November 27 at Fusionopolis, Level 1 Atrium in Singapore. The event will be held from 10am to 7pm that weekend.